Do I need to register my warranty?

You don’t need to register your item to validate a warranty, but hold on to your sales receipt; we may ask for original proof of purchase.

Can I get anyone to repair my item?

Your warranty will be void if it’s repaired or partly repaired by anyone other than someone authorised by Cogsmith & Co, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Why was my order cancelled?

We’re sorry your order was cancelled. When this happens it’s usually due to: out of stock item(s) or difficulty processing payment information. We will contact you, You will not be charged for cancelled items. If you have questions about a cancelled order, please call our customer number, displayed on the web site.

Can I pick up my item at the local courier office?

We use various couriers to dispatch your item, they handle all the logistics and will advise you of the whereabouts of your item, please use your tracking number but you can of course always give us a call.

Where is the order shipping from?

We are based in Cheshire, see the company address and all products are shipped from our offices.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If we haven’t posted your item please call us, if we’ve sent it then we do accept returns, please see below

Cogsmith & Co accepts returns for orders placed within 14 days of the delivery date, at no additional charge but you do need to pay the return shipping. Here’s how:

  • Pack your item product in a safe and secure box.
  • Attach a return label that we can supply for you to the outside of your return box then arrange the courier.
  • Once your package has been received at Cogsmith & Co, an email notification will be sent to you to confirm that we have your return. We’ll follow up with another email once your refund / repair has been processed.

Note: Returns must be unused / unworn, in original packaging with all tags attached. Returns will be processed within 10 business days after receipt. Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. Depending on your bank, it can take an additional 3 business days for the credit to post to your account.

Where can I enter my discount code?

During the order process a discount code if applicable can be entered but don’t worry, if you have any difficulties please drop us a line on sales@cogsmith.co.uk

How do I place an order?

Use the order form, basket and checkout system on the website but please make sure you leave us all your details so that we can contact you and get the shipping right.

Which Payment methods can I chose?

Etsy payment or PayPal is the preferred choice but don’t worry we do accept credit / debit cards, we can’t however accept cash.

What is a warranty issue and what isn’t?

If your item has a defect and it’s not due to wear and tear or misuse then it’s probably a warranty issue and you need to contact us via email, usually best in writing and then we will sort it out with you. Please see the terms and conditions of warranty for further details.

My item is out of warranty, can I still have it repaired?

We can provide full service for your item. For an estimated charge and service repair, drop us a line or give us a call. You will then receive a service order number with shipping instructions. You may also call us at our office number.

Do I pay VAT?

The price you see is the price you pay.

What are your items made of?

They are all made of quality materials but are either vintage, upcycled or reclaimed so may have some inherent defects / patina that adds to the beauty of the product.

You didn’t answer the phone and I left you a message?

We were probably in the warehouse or making a brew but don’t worry we always reply within 24 hrs, easiest method is email as we then have a record of the conversation and can easily reply.

How do I get technical assistance?

For all technical queries please call or email us and we will be happy to help

Who is Cogsmith & Co?

Please see our story on the About Us page.

How can I contact you?

We are available via e-mail, sales@cogsmith.co.uk , telephone, number displayed on our web site or old fashioned snail mail at our address. We used to have a FAX but frankly no one here can remember when it was last used.

Care Of Your Product

Can I clean my item?

Please remember that we use ‘reclaimed’ materials alongside some new materials, this does not diminish the quality or detract from the finish, it simply means that the wood has had a previous life and is now being repurposed into another beautiful product. Where possible we research the wood and share their history. Some pieces have similarities but by the nature of it being reclaimed they do have special marks and traits. The reclaimed pieces are truly one of a kind.
There may be dents and chips here and there or maybe some interesting grain patterns and knots or we may have left some of the original fixings in there, these are not faults or imperfections but testament to the wood that has been previously had a life! We will point out and accentuate these unique features as part of the beauty of the piece.
Our products and creations are finished to the highest standards and we are proud of our reputation, but please look after the products as wood is a natural material and will expand and contract with the seasons.
If you have a commissioned piece we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you look after the product.

Looking after wood

Avoid Heat Sources

Wood will expand and contract with heat, usually along the grain which brings along its own challenges, we do build to accommodate this expansion and contraction but over time it stresses the piece and loosens joints so please avoid them if possible. We are glad to discuss your siting of the piece with you.

Protecting Your Table

We always finish our creations to a high standard, using various finishes ranging from natural oils, wax to poly finishes which all have their own unique care instructions, the main ones across all finishes is to wipe up any spills as quickly as possible, if you do cause damage please contact us and we will be happy to restore the piece.

Cleaning Your Furniture is simple

Damp soft cloth – no bleach or abrasive cleaners and natural wax to finish

Studio 18,
Christie Street Industrial Estate,
Stockport, Cheshire

Studio 18,
Christie Street Industrial Estate,
Stockport, Cheshire

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